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Valve Flow Control Accessories

Media Containment Bonnets | API 641 Valves | API 6D Control Packages | Cryogenic Valves 

GLOBAL VALVE & CONTROLS offers customized automated packages and accessories, for our clients’ specific needs, to meet the criteria in specification requirements.  GVC provides custom application solutions for severe service, such as cryogenic applications, that work well with our valves.  In addition to custom applications, GLOBAL VALVE & CONTROLS offers fugitive emissions packages for industrial use, ideal for chemical plants and pipelines.


Media Containment Bonnets, API 641 Valves, API 6D Control Packages, Cryogenic Valves, Buried Service Valves, Stem Extensions, Pipeline Valves, Fugitive Emission Packages

Valve Flow Control

Media Containment Bonnets | API 641 Valves | API 6D Control Packages | Cryogenic Valves | Buried Service Valves

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Media Containment Bonnets

Fugitive Emissions Solution Accessory for “in service” leaking valves

To be purchased in combination with the GVC Series 525/ FS 150/300 /YFS 150/300 ball valves.

  • Mounts directly to GVC Series 525/ FS 150/300 /YFS 150/300
  • Sizes “1/4 to 6”
  • ANSI 150-300
  • 5-10 min installation w/o use of heavy machinery (only tool needed is a wrench)
  • Avoids downtime or shutdowns

Thermal Relief Bypass System


With the expanding gate design, it is possible for the Thermal Expansion to occur within the body cavity while the valve is in the closed position. A Thermal Relief system is available to allow for the body cavity to relieve into the upstream side of the valve.

Brackets and Couplers

  • GVC offers a wide array of brackets and couplers for all your flow control needs.


  • GVC offers a wide array of bolt on steam jackets and accessories.

Repair Kits

  • GVC offers repair kits for our ball valves up to 12″, to save our clients time and money, in the event of a necessary repair.