Valve Actuators | Valve Automation Packages

GVC offers Electric, Rack and Pinion, and Scotch Yoke Actuators along with limit switches, positioners, regulators, dribble control units and solenoid valves for all of your automation needs. Call to learn more about our valve automation, valve actuators and valve controls.


Spring Return Automation, Automated Valves, Double Acting Valves , Emergency Shut Down Valves,  Rack and Pinion, Scotch Yoke, Rack and Pinion Automation, Automated Ball Valves, Automated API 6D Trunnion Ball Valves, Automated Trunnion Ball Valves,  Automated Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

Valve Automation

Valve Actuators | Valve Controls

Actuators & Automation Accessories

  • Di-Aluminum Tri-Oxide Hard Anodized Body
  • Unique V-Seal Piston Ring Guaranteed for 3 years or 3 million cycles
  • Double Acting to 58700 in. lbs. Spring Return to 47514 in. lbs.
  • Epoxy Coated High Grade Steel Springs for High Corrosion Resistance
  • Solid Piston Bearings
  • ISO 5211 and NAMUR Drilling Patterns
  • ISO Star Drive Shaft for Ease of Mounting

  • Actuators (such as: Bettis, Infinity, Rotork, Pantex, and Ledeen)
  • Brackets
  • Solenoids (such as: Asco and Versa)
  • Steam Jackets
  • Limit Switches (such as: Stonel, Westlock, and Moniteur)
  • Repair Kits
  • And so much more!

Custom Application

  • Stern Extensions for Buried Service
  • Extended Cryogenic Columns
  • Soft Seat Modifications
  • Automation Packages
  • PMI Capabilities
  • Drain Connection & Bypass Installation

  • Bevel & Worm Gear Installation
  • Packing and/or Gasket Modification
  • Valve Repair Kits
  • NDE Inspection – RT, PT, MT, UT
  • Various Trim and modifications changes
  • Various End Connection modifications