Permian Basin trouble

Texas is home to Permian Basin, a large oil reservoir and it has  one of the world’s thickest deposits of rocks. The Permian Basin is actually composed of three total basins and produces over a couple billion of oil per day. Researchers have sink holes in West Texas due to the drilling and wastewater injection in the Permian Basin. Two large holes west of Midland have been found as well as smaller holes in the area all due the drilling of oil.

“These hazards represent a danger to residents, roads, railroads, levees, dams, oil and gas pipelines as well as a potential pollution of ground water.” Researchers have studied the Permian basin since oil companies started drilling in 1993 and they have recorded as much as 40 inches of land has moved within the last 2.5 years.

Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil & Gas Association, in a written statement. “We look forward to reading the report in depth and will continue to produce oil and natural gas responsibly and safely, and in compliance with science-based rules and regulations.”

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