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How do Guar beans help Hydraulic fracturing?

What are guar beans and what do they have to do with the Oil and Gas industry?

The beans are typically used to thicken sauces and processed foods such as ice cream and ketchup. Now, drilling companies who need high-viscosity water to extract oil and natural gas from tight rock formations are buying up guar beans as fast as they are grown.

The supply and demand of these beans have dramatically increased over the years that many farmers are starting to grow their own to sell as well. In the past, India and Pakistan have been the major producers of the guar beans but now states such as Texas and Oklahoma are producing these beans as well. Because the guar beans are now being grown locally, larger companies in need of them will pay less so as not to get them from another country.





Ukraine crisis affects drilling in the Black Sea

Before the crysis in Ukraine started Exxon Mobil and Shell both had contracts to drill 2 wells roughly 50 miles near the region.

Today it’s not even clear whether the government in Kiev will have the power to award oil and gas licenses in Black Sea waters around the disputed region. The parliament in Crimea, where Russian speakers are in the majority, said last week it voted to join the Russian Federation and would put the plan to a referendum on March 16.

“Exxon and Shell are now in a legal limbo,” said Chris Weafer, a partner at Macro Advisory in Moscow. They pursued an “exploration deal with a government which may soon no longer have jurisdiction over the region.”

It is not known what will happen next.

Double Block and Bleed Ball Valves







What is a leak and why is it important to know when you have one? In terms of a pipeline, it is very important to check for leaks as the liquid may cause damage to the inside and outside of a pipe. “The small leaks are the ones that are more problematic to find, because they may be created by inadequate fabrication.”  Most leaks are started by having corrosion on the equipment. To further break it down; corrosion is a natural process caused by several different factors including; temperature, the liquid substance involved as well as velocity.

At Global Valve and Controls, we have an extensive amount of quality assurance and we guarantee every bit of our product.  We test all our products in our warehouse before it leaves our facility.

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