Global Valve and Controls

Recycling Natural Gas

“Natural gas flaring around the world results in emissions of 400 million tons of carbon dioxide a year,according to the World Bank. That is equivalent to the emissions of 77 million cars, and much of that wasted gas is produced in countries where natural gas could provide power to people who subsist without electricity.”

There are so many wells being drilled in the North Dakota that experts are expecting an additional 50% increase in gas produced as early as 2015. There have been many ideas to control the flaring, such as building more pipelines and plants, fertilizing factories and converting rigs all to use natural gas as a fuel.

If all the rigs in the Bakken were converted to run even partly on natural gas, more than 60 million cubic feet of natural gas — or roughly a fifth of the gas now being flared — could be saved every day.

Pipeline Valves