International Procurement To Domestic And Foreign Retail Giants Will Flock To – The Retail Giant,

The world's most powerful business heads together tomorrow in Nanjing, participated in the Nanjing International Exhibition Center at the "2005 International Sourcing Fair transnational retail." It is understood that the procurement will not only attract more than 1,000 domestic producers as well as home appliances,


, Department store


Shop to the meeting place in the world


100 transnational retail groups will "cheer." The procurement will be by the


Department and jointly organized by the Jiangsu provincial government.

Of B & Q

: The lock 500 suppliers

B & Q belong to the world


One of the Kingfisher Group, is the third in the world of decorative building materials retail in Europe Group. Since entering China in

Building materials market

Also has been in a lead position in the experience and


Human resources and



Restructuring, the Chinese market for the first time B & Q purchase will become important.

Miss Lu said B & Q marketing department in Nanjing, B & Q will include TOTO, Kohler,




, Champion, Nobel and other building materials of various categories of well-known brands have nearly 500 suppliers partner to the Chinese market in the future to continue implementation of the "low price" strategy to lay solid foundation.

Yongle: take the opportunity to further accelerate the expansion of

Yesterday, Wing-lok electrical branch in Nanjing told reporters, currently responsible for the major appliance category per capita gathered in Nanjing. With this purchase will, Yongle will further accelerate its pace in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang. November 14, Paradise just in the Hong Kong market


. Paradise chairman Chen Xiao told the media that most of the listed funds raised will be used for opening new stores. Paradise shop in the country this year, about 200, and intensify in the South, Southwest, North and other regions of the expansion.

Necessary requirement for the rapid expansion of lower purchase price. Through large-scale procurement, Paradise will not only get lower prices of products, you can also consolidate its existing markets. The purchase will be for Paradise already begun to prepare related matters, as the procurement site in Nanjing, so the purchase of household appliances Yongle will first consider the supply of Eastern China, Nanjing is also the benefit of course one of the regions.

Five Star

: Well


Show their

11 4 to 6, Jiangsu

Five Star

Will also debut the "cross-mining will be" to better grasp the pulse of home appliances, to find a new mainstream product; but the star seems to focus not only in the "placing orders", the five-star level


Said, international procurement will be "the best form of corporate image display."

It is understood that the optical star


Stand on the "accounts" of the three, and set up special working groups; in move-in, the star invited a professional company, has been carefully planned, combined with his own image,


The personality and characteristics of the booth. Five Star relevant responsible person said that in recent years, the five-star large-scale multinational companies increasingly concerned about the composition of the Procurement. But the star at the cost of procurement are more than calendar year.

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