How technology keeps us safe

What industry works hand in hand with the Oil and Gas industry? Technology! We definetly owe it to the techs in saving us from what would have been. Technology is constantly being improved and we people in the Oil and Gas owe it to them in keeping us and our pipelines and equipment safe. The Oil and Gas sector has taken huge strides over the years in making technology part of its core. Here are a few examples:

We recently blogged about robots being able to fly over pipelines that people are able to control so they are not put in harms way and are able to view their equipment and see if they need to be repaired. Many pipelines are found in hazardous areas and unsafe weather conditions. Using these robots reduce the cost of having someone physically out there inspecting the pipelines. Cloud Computing is another piece of technology that is being widely used in the O&G industry. This new tech consists of real time data. “Oil and gas companies require instant access to data from oil fields and drilling platforms, so they can make important decisions quickly. Yet, in the sector, individual companies’ information is highly classified and very sensitive. This explains the low adoption of cloud computing in the industry, with companies less eager to compromise their data.” Internet of Things, (IOT) is a 3rd way that technology is being used. According to the article this is, “basically the capture, analysis and making use of data generated by networked objects and machines.” Last, but not least there is seismic technology. Seismic technology helps in mapping and the interpretation of hydrocarbon reserves. Oil and gas companies perform 3D seismic surveys repeatedly, and when this is done over time, they are able to create 4D seismic images.

Because of the growing technology we are able to optimize production, enhance efficiency, improve the quality of our decisions as well as keep the costs down in an event of another depression.

How technology promises to save the oil and gas industry