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New 5 year drilling plan for Alaska

Time and again the Keystone Pipeline has been rejected by President Obama because of the danger it brings to the people who will near the pipeline and the many animals and forests it will displace. Not only has the Keystone pipeline been rejected but an area in Alaska has been banned from drilling; Chukchi and Beaufort seas in northern Alaska. “the five-year plan also bars drilling in the Atlantic Ocean.” However, this particular plan has allowed drilling to go forward in Alaska’s Cook Inlet southwest of Anchorage. This of course can all be changed when Mr. Obama leaves office, but it might take decades to put new policy in place.

While there are those who are against drilling permanently, many residents of Alaska are enraged by this decision. "Arctic development is one of the best ways to create jobs, generate revenues and refill the Trans-Alaska Pipeline," said Murkowski, who chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. "Why the president is willing to send all of those benefits overseas is beyond explanation."


Cryogenic Ball Valves used for Neg 380 degrees F


Gas prices on the rise in the Southeast

Earlier last week there was a pipeline explosion in Shelby county, Alabama, which have caused the gas prices to soar from the shortage of oil in the area and outages. The pipeline Colonial had also reported a leak not too long before the explosion. The explosion sent several people to the hospital and one person dead. The Colonial pipeline explosion forced many people to evacuate out of their homes and there was smoke and fire all around. "The fire prompted pipeline officials to shut down the pipeline that runs from Houston to New York for the second time in two months."

The report predicts the rising of gas prices will be primarily in "Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina - and to lesser degree Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia - to see gas prices rise a few cents a day."



(GVC) Global Valve and Controls 8"ANSI 1500 Trunnion Ball Valve similar to what is used in a pipeline