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Goliath affects Oil&Gas production

Just this week, a snow storm came down from the North that caused 5’ and more of snow, sleet, hail, and rain and flooding damage to most of the central United States. Down in Texas, where people don’t typically see snow or sleet, many areas received as much as 3’ of snow! The storm named Goliath, stayed in the area for a day and half before moving up on to the upper NE states and throwing more snow on the central states and rain in the south. Although, the rain has stopped, many regions are still waiting for the snow to melt to continue working. Goliath not only brought all the seasons down to Texas but also freezing temperatures causing some oil and gas equipment to freeze. Bad news is that instead of warming up for the New Year’s, it could get colder.

“In West Texas and New Mexico, crude output and deliveries took a slight hit after a snowstorm dumped around 2 feet of snow over the weekend. The blizzard followed a spate of tornadoes in Texas that killed at least 11 people Sunday, as summerlike temperatures swiftly gave way to chilly conditions.”

Companies such as Devon stated that they were experiencing issues with equipment because of the sudden fallen temperature not just in Texas, but also in NM, and OK.  The prospect of colder weather and diminished supplies drove energy futures higher Tuesday, led by natural gas. But slowing global demand and a global oil glut will continue to pressure the market.

Another Oil&Gas company, Philips 66 stated they experienced a number of power outages with caused disruption in their production.


No more drilling in Bristol Bay

Environmentalists and nature lovers have received the news they have always wanted to hear; their precious Bristol Bay in Alaska is under the protection of President Obama, and there will be no further disruption to the ecosystem. The reason that Mr. Obama has put these waters under his protection is because, Bristol Bay is home to the last pristine salmon ecosystem in North America and stands unmatched in its productivity. Nearly 50 percent of the world’s wild sockeye salmon come from these waters.” This bay is a jewel for the people who live near or around it as it supports and creates at least 12,000 jobs for the fishermen and processors and provides in the millions of dollars in jobs for commercial fishermen. ”Removing Bristol Bay from future offshore drilling plans is the right decision. We congratulate Bristol Bay leaders for their vision in ensuring that America’s “Fish Basket” will continue to be one of the richest ecosystems and a source of sustenance for people in Alaska and around the world.”

Bristol Bay has not always been so fortunate; many years ago many oil and gas developers were seeking this particular area for drilling.




Benefits of Oil

If you have been keeping up with the news around the world, or even in your back yard, then you already know that the oil prices are still low and it’s not looking any better than it did last month or the month before. It is now a fact that the sectors for the oil and gas industry will never be where they were, but instead will become accustomed to the change. This leads us to why is the oil so important to our economy? Did you know, “oil is directly responsible for about 2.5% of world GDP but also accounts for 1/3 of man kinds energy supply.”

DID YOU KNOW? “The world’s oil & gas transport infrastructure is a globe-spanning spider web of pipelines and shipping routes. The natural gas distribution pipelines in the US alone could stretch from Earth to the Moon 7-8 times”

Without oil, we might as well all be doomed. Not literally. In other words, oil is healthy, and without it, we would all live in poverty. “Better sources of energy increase productivity and produce fewer negative externalities. This effect is huge. Cheap, abundant energy lifts nations out of poverty. China understands this.”