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Can the Japanese build a underwater pipeline to Russia?

Can you imagine a pipeline being built from Japan to Russia? Well, it might just take place in the next few years. Studies and further research shows that it cant be done and its too dangerous as the areas where the pipeline will be are not very safe, but the Japanese are convinced they can do it! This pipeline would offer an economical alternative to LNG.

The project might also seem less attractive to Gazprom, which has greater flexibility through LNG shipments, says Vice President of the Argus Agency Vyacheslav Mischenko. The pipeline would tie Russia to Japan. “The idea [of LNG] is more attractive from a strategic or geopolitical viewpoint,” said Mischenko. “By using ships, Gazprom can change the direction of the supplies, something that cannot be done when there is a pipeline."

Last October Russia had a similar idea to have a pipeline from Sakhalin to the northern Japanese island of Hokaido, but the problem rose when there was a dispute over the islands taken by Russian forces at the end of World War 2.


Oil rig fire in Mexico

Another rig has exploded on the Mexican coast, injuring over 40 workers, and killing 4. Although this incident happened in April, the story didn't take on every news channel like the past few rig fires.

"Authorities evacuated about 300 people from the Abkatun Permanente platform after the fire started, Pemex said. At least 10 boats worked to battle the blaze for hours." The fire was extinguished by Wednesday.

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Drilling in Oklahoma backlashes

In an earlier article, I confirmed that after numerous research, fracking is in fact the reason behind earthquakes, and of those of you who are still non believers, here is another yet confirmed report.

"Oklahoma has now seen 600 more tremors more than it did before 2008, a surge seismologists say is linked to vast amounts of wastewater injected into the ground as a result of drilling for oil and from hydraulic fracturing. "

The state of Oklahoma is again one step ahead in banning drilling operations in the state. There are many concern associated with this ban from local residents as well as they claim that their state is booming with oil and if fracking is banned then there will be hundreds unemployed. One resident says, "We don't feel its appropriate that the oil and gas industries should be singled out.." If they continue with the ban then Oklahoma will be faced with roughy a $600 million budget deficit. At first it was the "economic stress," caused by the low oil gas prices, now it is the ban of fracking. What's next?




Drilling in the Arctic, Is it catastrophic?

According to, “the guardian,” Shell will continue to drill in Alaska, thanks to the Obama Administration. Researchers and Environmentalists are asking why Shell is allowed to drill when only months prior the Anglo-Dutch oil tried to drill in the same area but was refused. Scientists believe that drilling in the Arctic could possibly, “lead to a serious of dangerous blunders, resulting in a disaster.”

“Tim Donaghy, quotes; Shell has a history of dangerous malfunctioning in the Arctic while global scientists agree that Arctic oil must stay in the ground if we’re to avoid catastrophic climate change.” While environmentalists argue that they are, “looking the other way,” not realizing that drilling in these waters is likely to be more dangerous than other seas. The dangers are worse than the Gulf of Mexico spill in 2010. If an accident were to happen, the nearest coast guard is located more than 1000 miles away.


API 6D and API 598

API 6D, the mother of all certifications, or is it?  It is the specification and certification that all companies appreciate, honor, and require for all their Valve & Flow Controls requirements. Especially, projects which include pipelines and pigging. GVC receives inquires for API 6D Valves frequently, somewhere along the line they will be used for pigging.

API 6D has more demanding and tedious testing requirements, in comparison to the API 600, 602, 608, or 609 models.  The Engineering ToolBox states that this “International standard establishes requirements & provides recommendations for the “design, manufacturing, testing, and documentation of all Ball, Check, Gate, & Plug Valves for application in Pipeline systems.”

Did you know that GLOBAL Valve & Controls (GVC) is API 6D certified?  GVC is 100% API 6D certified.  Global Valve and Controls niche in the Oil & Gas Industry is their API 6D 2Pc Trunnion Mounted, DDB Ball Valve, as well as their new product line for API 6D Slab/Expanding Gate Valves.

There are many different API specifications.  The API 598 spec is not a certification; it is an Inspection & Testing requirement.   The Engineering ToolBox mentions that, “this standard covers all, “Inspection, Supplementary Examination, & Pressure Test requirements for both resilient seated (Soft Seat) & Metal seated Gate, Globe, Ball, Plug, Check, and Butterfly Valves.”


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