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Underneath Oklahoma

If you have lived or ever visited Oklahoma then you know the state is also called "Green Country". Driving from a small town to larger city, sometimes all you see are cattle grazing, tumbleweeds, scattered homes, ranches, farms. Nothing very spectacular. But underneath a county like Ardmore is something you would never imagine! Underneath the ground, it is a congested highway, where dozens of oil and gas firms are busy drilling horizontal wells.

 "Everybody is running as fast as they can, trying to drill and take advantage of those high prices," says John Gibbs, the owner of TriPower Resources, a small oil and gas firm who has been operating in the area for over two decades. And that has led to a boom in nearby Ardmore - the biggest town for miles"

n Oklahoma, the discovery of oil resources contained within the Woodford-Cana shale has led some to speculate that the state could once again become the nation's leading oil producer, a position it last held at the turn of the 20th Century.

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