Global Valve and Controls

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are located offshore; they are mounted on floating structures that allow them to generate electricity in water depths where bottom towers are not feasible to put in. These wind turbines can reduce visual pollution.

Britain has more wind turbines installed around its shores than any other country in the world and our market is rated year after year as the most attractive market among investors.

“Offshore wind is critical for the UK’s energy future and there is big interest around the world in what we’re doing.

“Floating wind turbines will allow us to exploit more of our wind resource, potentially more cheaply.

“Turbines will be able to locate in ever deeper waters where the wind is stronger but without the expense of foundations down to the seabed or having to undertake major repairs out at sea.”

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Solenoid Valves

“Solenoid valves are used wherever fluid flow has to be controlled automatically. They are being used to an increasing degree in the most varied types of plants and equipment. The variety of different designs which are available enables a valve to be selected to specifically suit the application in question.”

Some of the different types of Solenoid valves are direct acting valves, direct acting 2 way valves, direct acting 3 way valves and direct acting multi-way valves. Each design has its own function and use. Here is a brief breakdown of each. To find out more information about these valves, you can visit this website;



With a direct-acting solenoid valve, the seat seal is attached to the solenoid core. In the de-energized condition, a seat orifice is closed, which opens when the valve is energized.


Two-way valves are shut-off valves with one inlet port and one outlet port. When energized, the core and seal are pulled into the solenoid coil and the valve opens.


Three-way valves have three port connections and two valve seats. One valve seal always remains open and the other closed in the de-energized mode.

Depending on the application, there are different kinds of body materials for these valves. Examples are brass, bronze, and plastic.

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20 RP VS 20 FP

(Click on the chart to get the full differences in different sizes)

Have you ever wondered what the difference of a 20 Reduced Port Ball Valve and a 20 Full Port Ball Valve?What do you think the differences are after reviewing the chart above?

Observers below:

-   Operations Director states, “Well the cost is a big one, however, the CV Factor changes. Although, the port also changes, but a Reduced Port constricts the flow while the Full Port allows the flow to just flow.”

-   Vice President of Sales & Marketing states, “One is full port and the other is reduced; however, a full port sizes go up to ¾”

-   Account Executive-Inside Sales Account Manager states, “One is full port and the other is standard port, however 20RP’s are considered full port up to ¾” (Water, Oil & Gas Applications. And 20FP’s are a seal welded design.”

-   Account Executive-Inside Sales Account Manager states, "20 RP's are considered full port up to 3/4"


The actual differences are: The CV Factor, how one port functions as compared to the other port, Full Port are a Seal Welded Design, Weight, Length, as well as Height

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Rise in Valve shipments signals growth in Economy

The Valve Manufacturers Association (VMA) recently released its latest annual market forecast for valve shipments. In it, plenty of good news because, for the third year in a row, shipments for the U.S. and Canadian industrial valve industry are forecast to grow, rising to about $4 billion in 2012.

Like all manufacturing industries and shipping industries, valves saw a decline at one point during the recent world economic woes. “For our industry, which tends to lag behind the general economy and its own end-user industries, that drop was about 5% in 2009.

Based on this information that we have we can determine that while the US experienced down time in business, markets in India and China continued to grow, as well as in the Middle East.


J:IdeaRise in Valve Shipments Signals Growth in Economy.mht

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Big Strides in Clean, Renewable Energy

Ocean Renewable Power Company Maine, LLC has been issued a permit under the  Hydrokinetic Pilot Program from the Federal Regulatory Commission.  This program provides developers the ability to test new hydrokinetic technologies. The hope is that a determination as to whether a site is appropriate for this technology, the impact on environmental and any other effects can be made.

The Maine Tidal Energy Project is a three part project in The Bay of Fundy.  The Bay is located on the border between eastern Maine and Canada and is known as one of the most vigorous tidal energy resources in the world with over 100 billion tons of water flowing in and out. The Bay has the highest tides in the world with tidal currents that equate to the force of 8,000 locomotives.

Beginning in 2008 ORPC became the first company to generate electricity from Bay of Fundy without the use of dams. The Beta TidGen™ System was the largest ocean energy device ever deployed in the United States. After a yearlong testing process the prototype was determined a technical success, but long term environmental impact is still to be determined.

If successful the project would increase the potential for bringing clean, renewable energy to other parts of the world thus reducing our dependency of fossil fuels.


Fun Fact: In August 2010 the Coastguard rescue boat Energy Tide 2 began using a 60kW turbine designed by ORPC to power the boat when docked.

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Soft seated vs. Metal seated

The difference is "soft seated" or "metal seated". Soft seated valves are used in gas applications were any leakage is absolutely not tolerated. The materials used are Teflon or ceramic. Metal seated valves can have very tight shut-off, it all depends on the coating, pressure in the line, and the lapping of the surfaces.

Originally Ball valves were designed to have soft seats such as a plastic based material, now there are so many options for valve seats. It all depends on the media of what the valve is going to be used for.

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Pipeline Spills into River

“A ruptured pipeline belonging to the China National Petroleum Corporation has leaked vast amounts of fuel which have reached the Yellow River, threatening the nation’s drinking water, state media have reported.  Water quality monitors at the Sanmenxia reservoir on the Yellow River began detecting traces of diesel on Sunday, four days after the pipeline burst…”

Roughly around 100 metric tons of diesels were spilled into the river that day, but the local government there has refused to report the accurate number for the spill. The spill occurred near Chishui and Wei River in the northern province of Shaanxi.



Building a Pipeline

“The speed at which pipelines are built is one of the more serious constraints in preventing impacts. Most big infrastructures take many years to plan and build. Completion of pipelines, on the other hand, often takes 24 to 36 months. This means it is even more important for the ESA of pipelines to begin as soon as the prefeasibility planning begins. Route selection, the main means of reducing impacts, is often one of the first items planned by the engineers. “

I am blogging for a valve mfg so I won’t go into too many details on what a pipeline may consist of. Here are some of the components; Pipes, Flanges, Valves, Fasteners, etc.  Some of the Ball Valves you might see are the Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves. (This is our specialty). Our Trunnion Ball Valves are mfg in accordance to API 6D, NACE Compliant, Two piece and Three piece designs, Double Block and Bleed. Our ANSI sizes are 150-2500, which we keep mainly in stock. For more information on our Trunnion Ball Valves, please visit our site;

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