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Global Valve and Controls main objective is to provide the industrial market with valves of the highest quality, performance and reliability; while still being cost effective. Therefore, the GVC ball valve continues to be researched and developed, making Global Valve and Controls one of the leaders in cutting edge technology and R&D. The GVC ball valve incorporates high quality TFM seats, investment cast up to eight inch, solid balls and a live loaded stem design as standard features to our line. These features are included at no addition cost, bringing our customers the highest quality valve at the lowest total cost of ownership.

The GVC Media Containment Bonnet, used in addition to our ball valve, controls fugitive emissions from being released into the earth’s atmosphere and prevents costly downtime.

Global Valve and Controls offers a vast variety of precision machined, solid balls which include but are not limited to, Alloy-20, Monel, Hastelloy-C, Stainless Steel and Duplex Stainless. The ball also has a mirror finish to prevent leaks which provides a bubble tight shutoff, reducing the torque or the force needed to stroke or cycle the valve. To reduce seat wear and ensure GVC valve reliability for a high cycle life, the ball edge has blended curvatures. In order to stabilize pressure between the GVC ball body cavity and the pipeline’s media flow, a ¼ inch hole is drilled into the stem slot to relieve cavity pressure thus providing an additional safety feature.


Global Valve and Controls valve bodies are available in forged steel (up to 48”) and investment cast up to eight inch. Each GVC body casting or forging has a heat code which is marked for full trace ability. Certified Material Test Reports are available upon request.

Global Valve and Controls manufactures its valves in accordance to API 608, API 607, API 598, API 6D, B16.34, B16.5, B16.10, B16.25, NACE MR01-75 and our clients special requirements.

Global Valve and Controls offers the following: top entry design, end entry design, fully welded design in trunnion mounted and floating design.

Global Valve and Controls offers various types of end connections such as raised face(RF), ring type joint(RTJ), threaded ends, socket weld ends, and butt weld ends.

Please contact the factory for more details.

Stem Assembly

To ensure a positive contact, Global Valve and Controls manufacture its ball valve’s stem to be match mated with the ball and body. All GVC stems are design blow-out proof bottom entry for maximum safety.

The Global Valve and Controls live loaded stem design is a standard feature on the following valves; Series FS150/300, Series E1-150/300, Series FSD61, Series FS525, Series FSD525 and Series GVD20.

This design utilizes a stem seal arrangement where the seals are retained by a stem or packing nut, also include live loading of the stem seals. This live loading is accomplished by the addition of Bellville springs below the packing nut. The purpose of live loading the stem seals is to maintain the initial sealing load on the seals as they wear, or as they compress further, reducing or eliminating the need for packing nut adjustments. The Bellville springs perform this function by storing compressive force or potential energy as the packing nut is tightened, and releasing this force as the packing wear or compression occurs.

Live Loaded Stem Packing

Valve sizes 1/4" through 4' Models 525, E1, and FS feature strong large diameter stems with live-loaded, self adjusting sealing utilizing Belleville washers which automatically adjust to compensate for changes in temperature and wear patterns. Manual adjustments, which can cause damage to the seal and seat, are not required. The assembly is secured by a saddle-type lock and washer which prevents stem nuts from unthreading in high-cycle automation applications.

Stem Packing

An adjustable V-ring design creates a multiple seal between the stem and body. Each stem assembly is composed of three or four (dependant on valve size) TFM or graphite rings providing a very high cycle life by resisting creep and cold flow. The Peek Thrust Bearing and the Peek Thrust Washer combine to provide a secondary seal, reduce torque, and prevent galling.

Global Valve 525, E1, 2T/3T Series and FS Series valve stems feature anti-static grounding devices as standard. The devices ensure electrical continuity between valve ball, stem, and body, thus eliminating the possibility of static electric charges creating sparks within the valve.

Stem Design: Valve Size 6" through 12"

The stem is guided by the valve body and the gland, ensuring smooth operation even in high torque service. The independent packing gland can be easily adjusted without removing the mounting hardware or operator. The user friendly packing gland and gland sleeve are V-slotted to more equally distribute the load in the event one side is over tightened. For severe applications, optional Belleville washers can be added for self-adjusting live load, providing a continuous compression seal and anti-vibration protection.

Seat Design

Global Valve and Controls' valves are offered as standard with resilient seats which ensure bi-directional, bubble tight sealing while providing the lowest possible torque. These specially designed resilient seats feature relief holes or slots to relieve pressure past the upstream seat. This design reduces friction, minimizes seat wear and lowers operating torque. Global Valve and Controls' seats feature optimally designed curvatures to minimize contact forces between the ball and seat when the valve is in the open position. This design prevents cold flow, lowers torque, and reduces wear.

Media Containment Bonnet

In the event of a stem leak that cannot be corrected, Global Valve offers a Media Containment bonnet which easily mounts to standard valves. These units prevent costly downtime and allow maintenance to be scheduled when convenient. The Media Containment bonnet can be provided with a button-head check valve for injection of sealing agent. Also, this unit is an excellent, cost effective way to provide double stem sealing to address emission control requirements.


An Overview Of The Status Of China’s Valve Industry – China Others – Aerial Insulated Cable

Valve manufacturing sector is an important component of machine-building industry is to economic development and national defense technology and equipment to provide a basic industry. More than 50 years, China's valve industry has come a hard journey as an entrepreneur, has made important achievements.
Various types of pumps across the country already has more than 3,000 manufacturing companies, the production pumps more than 2200 kinds of product variety, size 15000; annual industrial output value of more than 500 billion yuan; the pump price of stand-alone pump from the main nuclear power plant more than 100 million yuan to the car washing pump 6 yuan range. Of more than 2005 national-scale pump manufacturing enterprises with more than 800, employing 225,000 people, the completion of annual industrial output value of 38.082 billion yuan, up 29.4%; export delivery value of 5.685 billion yuan, up 5.3%, on the whole Pump the total exports of manufactured goods, exports of general machinery manufacturing 20.5% of the total.

It now has more than 4,000 valve manufacturer, output value of nearly 100 million business, super-50 million yuan nearly 200 companies. Valve products can produce more than 3,000 models, more than 4000 specifications; varieties include gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, plug valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, check valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, Traps and other valves and so on, a total of 12 major categories. According to statistics, as of the end of 2005, there were more than the size of the valve manufacturing companies (annual sales income of 500 million Yuan or more) more than 1,200; completed a total industrial output value of more than 50 billion yuan, up 61%; a total profit of 3.0 billion , an increase of 77%; import and export delivery value of each contributed more than 20 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of more than 70%; and the estimated total value of industrial production for the entire industry should be more than 60 billion yuan.

In recent years, especially since reform and opening up, China's valve industry as an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development, the sustained, healthy and rapid development of a reliable guarantee. China's valve industry, through digestion and absorption of the world advanced technology and independent innovation, strengthening scientific and technological research and technology improvement, product quality and technology content have been a qualitative upgrading of industries have a higher level of integrated productivity and improve the degree of convergence formed a complete set of robust manufacturing system, the country's economic aggregate in the equipment manufacturing industry has a pivotal position to become China's vigorous development of equipment manufacturing industry an important force. Products are widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, urban infrastructure construction and other production in all areas of life, many products reach the international advanced level. The next five years, with China and the world's rapid economic development, water diversion works, electric power, petroleum, gas, chemical, coal, ethylene, chemical, nuclear power plants and other industries strong investment in major construction projects, China's valve industry market has great potential, will usher in an unprecedented development. China will not only become the world compete valve giant target market, but also will become a huge market to dominate the world the protagonist valve.
China valve industry is bound to usher in a more brilliant bright future!

Wenzhou, a loud and mysterious name! Here, many, many months to create a miracle and the first in the country, known as "China International Consumer Goods Manufacturer"; here to have a China Electric Capital, China shoes, Chinese brush, Chinese Auto with capital, lighter production base in China, China's shaving to be a knife base, China valve village and the Chinese cities such as valves 28 Guo Zihao production base and gold cards; there is also the world known as "China valve Capital."

With the shoes, clothing and electrical appliances, and other well-known industry comparison, the valve industry in Wenzhou relatively slower, more famous later, the basic is still in a state of obscurity, in the city's economic status is often easily ignored. With the past few years may be more than 30% annual growth rate of pump and valve industry as a powerful economic force in the rapid rise in Wenzhou in 2004, the city's valve output up to 160 billion yuan, accounting for 45 billion output valve more than one third Yuan, accounting for one sixth of the city's entire industrial output value has become an important force in the industrial economy in Wenzhou, China valve industry's largest and most concentrated manufacturing center.

From the early 70s the first valve only to the birth of this piece of land has now been here more than 300 kinds of products can produce more than 3,000 valve specifications, pumps more than 200 kinds of more than 2000 specifications, from the municipal water supply and drainage facilities, pipeline to the field of oil and gas petrochemical pipelines; from ordinary people to the secret military facility housing the fields of valve products that range. Pump enterprise wide use of advanced CAD technology, numerical control technology, processing centers, automated production lines and other advanced technology and processing equipment, the product began to large-scale, high-parameter, sets the direction of development, has been Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Daqing Oil Field, Shougang, Baosteel, Capital International Airport, the Yellow River Xiaolangdi, FAW and other countries for large enterprises and key projects on the extensive use of technical equipment, and many products are also exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

The current valve Wenzhou enterprises have gradually changed in the past that low, small, scattered backward situation, through the merger integration means bigger and stronger enterprises, and start to stock, the group type, science and technology, export-oriented development, establish a the modern enterprise management system. Products from the past into the OEM with independent IPR and brands to the track, high technology, to achieve the leading domestic and international advanced level. Through the implementation of brand strategy of a large number of well-known brand stand out, unveiled and shouted out of the river north and south, becoming a significant industry leaders in the industry.

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Valve To Be Made To Enhance The Quality Of Technical Management Is The Key – Valve, Valve, Machine –

Zhejiang Pujiang County, one in Crystal Accessories processing workers at work recently, as valve interface, fracture, severe burns gas to be ejected. It is understood that the county in recent weeks has occurred using the two causes of valve failure caused a serious personal injury accident. In this regard, Zhejiang Province recently launched a province-wide emergency special clean-up operation failed valve, Pujiang County, only low-grade pressure reducing valve 691 on the seizure. The industry believes that although the valve is a small part, but it reflected in the domestic Valve Quality situation is not optimistic.

Present, the valve manufacturer in China total about 6,000, of which more than 5 million yuan of annual output value has 900. According to "China Valve Town "??? Zhejiang Yongjia County Pump Industry Association data show that only the county reached more than 300 kinds of valve products more than 3000 specifications, widely used in large state-owned enterprises, and key engineering and technical equipment. Meanwhile, the valve on technically demanding, while domestic enterprises currently produce widespread leakage in the valve leakage, the appearance of high-quality, short life, the operation is not flexible and valves electric and pneumatic devices are not reliable shortcomings, some of the products is equivalent to the century and the early eighties international standards. Experts predict the market's future growth, mainly in the valve Electricity , Petrochemical, Fertilizer And environmental protection for the valve businesses, and who has good technology and excellent quality, who can continue to develop new products, intense competition, who will be able to seize the initiative.

Experts suggest that to improve the quality of the valve to be in production management, technical standards, new product development efforts. First of all, to strengthen management. Production and technology management as soon as possible with international standards, accelerate the adoption of international standards and foreign advanced standards of pace, increasing investment, introducing modern, automated equipment, renovation of existing products. Meanwhile, enterprises should Casting and valve selection of raw materials, casting and Forging Technology, Heat Treatment And other sectors to take effective measures to rough castings and forgings, including the quality and appearance to meet international standards. Second, we should vigorously develop new high-tech. Experts predict that the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the petrochemical industry's development priorities with the valve is a large petrochemical industry, oil and natural gas gathering and transportation pipelines, coal liquefaction and other major construction projects supporting the development of new valves, such as the 800,000 tons and above Ethylene Plant Cracking the export pipeline with matching high-temperature valves, large diameter High pressure Ball , Large-diameter pipeline ball valve, cryogenic valves for liquefied natural gas demand will grow greater, the valve industry is expected to "Eleventh Five-Year" total demand will reach 34.5 billion yuan. Again, should be strengthened within and outside the drain valve research, stringent machining process, and vigorously promote the development of new sealing material, to improve the processing precision of key parts of products, extend product life, making the valve, "a short two drain" phenomenon fundamentally improved.

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2005 China (shanghai) International Valve Pipe Industry Exhibition – International, Valve,

Start time: 2005-05-30 End time: 2005-06-01 Venue: Shanghai World Trade Mart Contact: Otto Sponsor: On Haimaidawei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Group (Hong Kong) Co Ltd As China enters the WTO and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo bid is successful, to Shanghai's further opening up and development has brought new opportunities to promote local economic development, urbanization has become at this stage consensus. In order to build Shanghai into an investment environment and ecological environment the best international cities, to enhance urban functions, create an excellent living environment, to ensure sustained and healthy economic development, municipal, construction, environmental protection, electricity, gas, communications, transportation , water and many other areas of urban and rural infrastructure were included in the party once again the top priority of government work in the successful implementation and completion of municipal plans, but also to the pumps, valves Pipeline Products provide a broad market space, in 2003 industrial output valve 240 billion, pump and valve products have been the large-scale, high-speed, high parameters, high reliability, strong corrosion resistance, mechanical and electrical integration, program-controlled group control and Monitor Direction of Pipe and Tube Products of new technology, new equipment, new processes, new materials, rapid growth of demand.

Order to promote our country pumps, valves and piping industry healthy development of the domestic industry to expand exchanges and cooperation between, "2005 China (Shanghai) International Pump, Valve and Pipe Industry Exhibition", will be May 30, 2005? June 1 held in the Shanghai World Trade Shopping Mall. "Science and technology innovation, cooperation and development" as its theme, with quality service, scientific and comprehensive integration of communication, and a new market concept, for domestic pumps, valves and pipe supply and demand sides, to provide information dissemination, technical exchanges and economic and trade talks trading platform, to invite your organization exhibitors, visit.

An exhibition schedule Preparation time: May 28, 2005? 29
Exhibition time: May 30, 2005? June 1
II Exhibit Pump: pipeline pumps, chemical pumps, submersible pumps, gear pumps, magnetic drive pumps, corrosion-resistant pumps, impurities

Pump, heat pumps, hydraulic jet pumps, Centrifugal pump , Pump, pump, pump, piston pump,
Metering pump, steam pump, gear pump, screw pump, Roots pump, water pump, oil pump, injection pump,

Pump, Washing machine And various ancillary equipment
Valves: gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, plug valve, discharge valve, Filter Device, plunger

Valve, diaphragm valve, exhaust valve, piston valve, safety valve, reducing valve, throttle, solenoid valve, bottom
Valves, regulating valves, butterfly valves, steam traps, insulation valves, special valves, special valves, other valves
And valve actuator Pipeline: a variety of materials, pipes, fittings, steel pipe, buried heat preservation pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, PPR

Pipe, copper pipe, cast pipe, elbow, shaped pieces of corrugated expansion joint, flange, clamp connectors, screw

Pattern components, pipe components, dynamic seals and mechanical seals combine technology, pipe cutting equipment, welding
Access equipment, pipe and cable detection equipment, technology and water leakage detection equipment, corrosion-resistant rust-proof technology.

3, booth fees 1, standard booth 9? (3mx3m); configuration: three panels (2.5m high), fascia production, one table,

Two chairs, carpet, 220V/5A socket, two spotlights;
2, light to lease an area of not less than 36? (Light to no facilities); double opening stand of 20% surcharge fee.

Domestic enterprises to joint ventures of foreign companies
Booth 7800 12000 U.S. dollar $ 2800
Light to 800 /? Per 1000 /? Per $ 300 /? U.S.
IV, Proceedings Advertisement 1, to meet the exhibitors in the Exhibitor during the exhibition period to allow customers to understand and after that can communicate with in a timely manner contact the Organizing Committee Conference Proceedings will be published

carefully, journal version of 210mmx285mm, Cover 20,000 inside front cover 16,000 yuan 12,000 yuan 12,000 yuan title page

Inside back cover page of 10,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan in black and white color inside pages About 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan

2, free to publish in proceedings than 200 words Company
Five other advertising 1, tickets: Specifications 80mmx190mm, charges 4,800 yuan / 10 000, 30 000 from India.

2, inflatable arch: 15,000 Yuan / exhibition, placed in the main entrance hall.
3, Outdoor balloons: 5000 Yuan / exhibition, (including long 10mx banner width 90cm).
4, information kits: Color 6000 yuan / 1000.
Six, technology exchange Technical exchanges will be exhibitors at home and abroad professionals and clients to introduce their advanced technology and equipment, the best side

Type, and investigation of their products and technology into the feasibility of domestic and international markets the most effective way to exchange each

5,000 yuan will be 2 hours.
7, publicity and promotion Order to promote this exhibition is good, good service, to the interests of exhibitors as the center, to invite professional tour operators

Focus on the work of the Organizing Committee will implement comprehensive, multi-angle, deep-level publicity, invite more visitors to purchase

Business participants, Specific publicity campaign are as follows:
Magazine: "valve", "pump technology", " Chemical Equipment And Antisepsis Loss "," Petroleum Engineering Construction

Set "," Pipeline Technology and Equipment "," Pump Business "," China Water "," Petroleum Engineering Construction

Set "," HC Business Advertising "," Wenzhou, Yellow Pages, "" West Yellow Pages "," manual valve statements "

"China Construction Information", "petroleum and chemical equipment", "Valve World", "Water Science and Technology and Economy",

"Pipe industry today", "Steel", "underground pipeline management". Network Media: valve business network, pump and valve trading

Net, HC water industry business network, China Valve Network, to the drainage line, China Water Treatment Network, the proposed projects under construction in China

Network, China Gas Equipment Website, China Water Industry Network, China Business Network pipeline, China National Machinery Information Network, China's environmental protection

Net. Public Media: New People's Daily, Shanghai Morning Post, Shanghai TV, China Industry News, China Petrochemical News, stone

Oil pipeline and a number of media reports predecessor in the development of a large number of publicity before the show

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Five Trends Of China Valve Market Development In Future

Petrochemical industry, power department, metallurgy department, chemical industry and urban construction department are the largest users of pvc fitting. With the consumers demand changing, the market development trend of valve products will also has corresponding changes, and the main trends in the future are as follows:

With the transfer of oil cip development towards mainland and offshore oil fields, as well as the power industry changing from less than 300,000 kilowatts thermal power to more than 300,000 kilowatts thermal also hydropower and nuclear power, corresponding changes in its performance and parameter should be based on changes in blow molding machine equipment application field.

Urban blow molding machine systems generally use a large number of low-pressure plastic valve, and develop toward environment-friendly and energy-saving, that is, from a low-voltage iron gate valves used in the past gradually shift to environment-friendly plastic sheet bag making machine, balance valve, metal sealed butterfly valve and the center line butterfly valves sealing. Oil and gas transmission projects develop towards pipeline, which need a lot of flat pipe fitting and ball valve.

The other side of hex bolt development is energy conservation, so from the energy conservation perspective, the steam trap should be developed, and to the high parameters development of the sub-critical and supercritical from energy saving so from the side, the development of steam traps, to the sub-critical and supercritical.

The construction of power plant move to the large-scale development, and therefore it requires large diameter and high pressure safety valve and pressure relief valve, and also need quick-open and close hose valve.

For the needs of the complete set project, the slitting machine supply develops from single species to multi-species and multi-standard. The valves required for one project are all provided by an exclusive valve manufacturer has become the trend.

Above provided by, and find more information on China Machinery News / China Valve Manufacturers / China Valve Products.

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You Need To Try Our Valves – Flanged Valves That Is

Balls for ball valves.

Image via Wikipedia

You Need To Try Our Valves - Flanged Valves That Is

Global Valve and Controls (GVC) is a growing manufacturer of flow control products, tailored to meet the needs of various industry requirements, with the primary focus being within the petrochemical and oil and gas industry.  GVC provides one of the most comprehensive product lines of valve product offerings to accommodate and service the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream market segments.  GVC continues to make strides in elevating our company beyond industry standards and customer expectations by consistently providing superior quality, maintaining expansive inventory levels, and immediately responsive to customer needs.
Global Valve and Controls large inventory of valves and automation has been a key, contributing factor to the growth and success of Global Valve and Controls. The technical sales and engineering team at GVC is ready to provide engineered solutions customized and tailored to meet your needs as a client.  Ranging from ANSI 150 through 2500 ,fully automated valve packages, soft seated valves (Trunnion and floating design), metal seated valves, fugitive emission solutions, control packages, various valve coating solutions, and Build-to-Order, Global Valve and Controls has the right valve to meet or exceed your requirements. Global Valve and Controls expertise in valve manufacturing is backed by a management team with over 60 years collectively serving the Energy and Oil and Gas industries.
Our expansive product range consist of ball valves (Trunnion and floating design) check valves, gate valves, globe valves, needle valves, and rotary 1/4 turn scotch yoke and rack in pinion actuators.  Global Valve and Controls’ global network of manufacturing facilities are in compliance with ISO 9001 and API 6D standards.
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When Do You Need A Valve?

A radiator valve is a crucial device that can make your heating system more energy efficient. It is typically mounted on the piping of a radiator to control the flow of heated water or steam. When it is open, the heated water or steam can flow into the radiator to increase the heat output. It can be closed easily when the radiator reaches its optimum heat capacity.

Some modern radiator systems are now equipped with thermostatic radiator valve or TRV. It means that the TRV is already integrated into the radiator unit. Older heating systems however may need a separate TRV. This can be installed easily by a competent plumber. It is mounted on the pipe that leads directly to the radiator.

The Right Time to Install a Radiator Valve

Some homeowners still maintain an open fire heating system. There are homes that still have the traditional wood or modern electric fireplace. But if you want to save more energy, then you should consider installing an energy efficient home radiator.

Once you decide to install a radiator, you should never forget to install a valve so that you can fully control your radiators heat output. You can invest in a radiator that already has a built-in TRV. This is a more convenient option because it eliminates further plumbing work.

If you already have a radiator unit in the house, then you will know that you need to install a valve if your energy consumption is increasing every month. Again, you can choose between a manually operated or self regulating valve. A competent plumber can help you install both systems.

There are also homeowners who have radiators that have leaking valves. If your unit has a leak, then you should immediately repair or replace it. Your radiator will not work efficiently it its heat controlling unit has a leak. The leak can also damage your walls or floor and might be hazardous especially for children. If you do not have any idea how to repair or replace a leaking radiator valve, then it is always best to hire a plumber who will do the job for you.

The Benefits of Efficient Heating System

You can enjoy several benefits if your radiators are equipped with the latest thermostatic regulators. A new TRV system can easily bring down your heating bill. You can save money because your home will become more energy efficient.

TRV systems can also make your home more comfortable. Because the system is fully automated, the temperature in your home will always remain ideal. You can sleep soundly at night and you will never experience chattering teeth when you wake up.

It is also healthy to maintain the right temperature in your home. You can avoid colds, flu, and other respiratory diseases if your home is cozy and warm. And lastly, a thermostatic radiator valve can increase the value of your home. If you are planning to sell your home and you want to increase its market value, make sure that it is equipped with the latest energy saving and heat control devices.


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Our Secret To Pipeline Ball Valves…

Our Secret To Pipeline Ball Valves...

Pipeline Ball Valves are manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of API 6D, and are designed not to rely on lubricant to ensure that they seal.
During manufacture and factory testing, the use of lubricants and/or sealants is prohibited. This is to prevent masking of any defects in the new valve.

Installation and commissioning into a pipeline is an interventive engineering process, making use of hot and cold working techniques relying on mechanical tooling. As a result it is inevitable that between valve installation and commissioning, an amount of foreign debris will enter the valve (i.e. sand / dirt / swarf / weld slag). This is a natural result of the manufacturing process that cannot be avoided.

Once installed the valve is usually cycled during the testing of its gearbox or actuator, and again during hydrostatic testing of the pipeline.

These activities create tiny scratches on the polished ball surface where the debris present in the line wears on the ball and seat during the cycling of the valve.

In time, this reduces the valves ability to provide an adequate seal, as these tiny scratches begin to cause minor leak paths. All fluid and gas flows contain an element of contaminant which contributes to this effect over the life of the valve.

Minor leak paths that seal at low pressure become obvious when using the valve to isolate high pressure gas. Seating material is often softer than the ball itself in order to provide a pliable material which takes up minor leak paths, but at higher pressures the gas compresses the seats and they become less pliable meaning that the minor leak paths become more significant at higher pressures.

This type of damage mechanism can also be said to be true for gate and plug valves, as gate and plug surfaces are also susceptible to the similar damage. In fact any sealing surface subject to mechanical friction is susceptible to the damage mechanism described above.
Lubricants, lubricant-sealants and emergency-sealants
Lubricants help clean valve internals, and reduce operating torque. Valvecare use a light lubricant called Equa-Lube Eighty from Sealweld immediately after hydrostatic testing of valve, to purge all test water from seat pockets where corrosion normally occurs. The advantage of this is that it removes as much debris as possible from the internal mechanism of the valve, thus reducing the chance for wear. Lubrication also reduces the friction between the wearing surfaces. Of course, new contaminant can be introduced at any time via the flow in the pipeline.

Lubricant-Sealants help to preserve seat sealing effectiveness, and to seal worn valves with minor leakage problems. Valvecare use a lubricant-sealant called Total-Lube # 911 from Sealweld, this has been proven to seal minor scratches to sealing surfaces and shallow corrosion pits, as well as small nicks and cuts on soft seals.
For valves with sealing surface scoring, this is an effective way to achieve a bubble tight seal on a valve that would otherwise fail a leak test. Use of lubricant-sealants can delay or prevent the need for costly overhaul of a worn valve.

Emergency Sealants provide an effective temporary means of creating of leak tight seal, even on valves with severe leakage problems. Valve sealing plays an important role, when performing pipeline repair, modification or renewal work, as often the costs of shutting down, evacuating, draining, and excavating pipeline equipment are typically many times more than just the cost of a new valve. Valvecare use a Valve Sealant called Ball Valve Sealant #5050 from Sealweld, containing particles of PTFE, and is capable of sealing relatively large scratches to sealing surfaces.
Lubrication is introduced into the valve, using the seat injection fittings. Valves that do not have seat injections fittings can usually be retrofitted to include these. Specialist valve maintenance companies, such as Valvecare, can advise you on specifics for individual valves.

Seat lubrication, is a proven means of cleaning foreign debris from valve seats, and done properly as part of a scheduled valve maintenance programme, stops debris from getting there in the first place. This practice significantly reduces damage suffered during installation, commissioning and normal cycling operation, extending the service life of the valve dramatically. The costs associated with a scheduled maintenance program including lubrication are considerably lower than a full overhaul or replacement of the valve itself.

Lubricating your valves gives the following operational advantages:

* Cleans their seats of potentially damaging particles (Sand / Dirt / Swarf / weld slag)
* Stops debris from getting stuck between seats if administered before pigging pipeline
* Prevents and removes stiction (Torque to operate reduced / less strain on stem and actuator)
* Preserves the life of their seals, and components against mechanical and corrosion damage

These advantages reduce operational cost and should therefore form part of your planned valve maintenance programme.
Emergency Sealing involves the introduction of heavy sealant, through the valve seat injection fittings, to achieve a temporary seal. Valves that do not have seat injections fittings can usually be retrofitted to include these. Specialist valve maintenance companies, such as Valvecare, can advise you on specifics for individual valves.

Emergency Sealing your valves:
Provides an temporary bubble tight seal, even on valves with severe leakage problems
Has significant cost savings, when compared to alternatives
Saves time, with lead times for some replacement pipeline valves taking several months

The Lubrication, lubricant-Sealant and Emergency Sealant process involves the use of specialist equipment, capable of pumping a range of lubrication and sealant types safely at pressures of 10,000–15,000 psi. It is recommended that trained valve service engineers, proficient in the safe use of sealant guns and pumps, carry out this procedure.
Important Considerations
Lubrication and sealing becomes more critical in applications such as Natural Gas, Production Wellheads, Gathering Systems, Gas processing Plants, Pipelines, Gas Storage Facilities and Gas Distribution Systems. Applications like these are more likely to cause damage to the critical sealing surfaces of valves, due to the lack of lubrication present in dry gas, and the presence of sand and debris in production wellheads. As part of a valve maintenance programme, preventative valve maintenance helps minimises the adverse effects of these services, increasing the service life of your valves.

For increased valve service life, the presence of an emergency seat sealant injection feature is an important consideration when procuring pipeline valve stock.

Equally as important is the choice of injection fittings and/or adaptors that are installed on the valve. Sealant injection fittings feature a means of passing sealant or lubricant into the valve, and incorporate a high pressure metal seated check valve. As a safety precaution, Valvecare do not endorse the use of carbon steel, crimped style injection fittings. As standard, we only recommend the use quality stainless steel injection fittings incorporating a threaded spring retaining cage, in order to minimise the risk of dangerous fitting failure.

Valve lubrication and sealing is an essential part of an effectively managed valve maintenance programme. Once installed and lubricated, a regular documented lubrication schedule should be established for all critical valves. Valvecare specialise in a supplying a total management programme for your valves, with a focus on the criticality of valves in relation to impact on safety elements and production, maintenance routines, spares holding, valve tracking and selection procedures. This type of valve management programme is a highly effective way of optimising reliability and safety whilst minimising cost and downtime.

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Trunnion Mounted Valves – Give Us A Call

Trunnion Mounted Valves - Give Us A Call

Global Valve and Controls (GVC) is a growing manufacturer of a full line of valves and automation, tailored to meet the needs of industry requirements, with the primary focus being within the petrochemical and oil and gas industry.  GVC provides one of the most comprehensive product lines of valve product offerings to accommodate and service the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream market segments.  GVC continues to make strides in elevating our company beyond industry standards and customer expectations by consistently providing superior quality, maintaining expansive inventory levels, and immediately responsive to customer needs.
Global Valve and Controls large inventory of valves and automation has been a key, contributing factor to the growth and success of Global Valve and Controls. The technical sales and engineering team at GVC is ready to provide engineered solutions customized and tailored to meet your needs as a client.  Ranging from ANSI 150 through 2500 ,fully automated valve packages, soft seated valves (Trunnion and floating design), metal seated valves, fugitive emission solutions, control packages, various valve coating solutions, and Build-to-Order, Global Valve and Controls has the right valve to meet or exceed your requirements. Global Valve and Controls expertise in valve manufacturing is backed by a management team with over 60 years collectively serving the Energy and Oil and Gas industries.
Our expansive product range consist of ball valves (Trunnion and floating design) check valves, gate valves, globe valves, needle valves, and rotary 1/4 turn scotch yoke and rack in pinion actuators.  Global Valve and Controls’ global network of manufacturing facilities are in compliance with ISO 9001 and API 6D standards.

We Know Valves – Try Our Premiere Ball Valves

Ball valves.

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Comparisons Between a Gate Valve and a Ball Valve

Global Valve and Controls is a manufacturer of a full line (ANSI 150-2500) of Flanged, Threaded, Socket Weld and Butt Weld End Ball Valves. GVC also manufactures Gate, Globe, and Check Valves, Automation and Flow Control Accessories. Global Valve and Controls’ global network of production facilities are in compliance with ISO 9001 and API standards.

Our corporate office is located in Houston, Texas with stocking distribution locations throughout North America. Global Valve and Controls has serviced the industrial market for nearly a decade. Within this decade GVC has worked closely with many leading Oil & Gas, Energy, Petrochemical and Agriculture companies worldwide, providing valve flow control products of the highest performance and superior quality at competitive pricing.

GVC provides high performance industrial ball valves at competitive prices. We maintain a comprehensive in-house inventory of all our products ensuring your order is ready for immediate delivery

Comparisons Between a Gate Valve and a Ball Valve

The prosperity of the valve industry has been shown in many fields. Actually, there is great variety of the types of the valve. All these types are making their own contributions to the development of the whole modern industry. As we all know, valves are made to control the flow of gases, liquids and granular solids in many systems. In order to meet various requirements, valves are designed and manufactured with a wide range of the types, sizes, materials, working temperature and pressure and means of actuation and so on. At this moment, we take the type of the ball valve and gate valve out for a comparison.

Firstly, the structure differs. As we all know that a ball valve features the spherical closure element with a round or other-shaped hole in the middle and a gate valve features the lifting and dropping wedge. And the number of the holding ports varies. A gate valve has two ports, which is called an inlet and an outlet. But a ball valve usually has two or more ports. However, when referring to the connections to the ports, they would be with the same ones, including the threaded, soldered or flanged connection.

Secondly, a gate valve and a ball valve vary at the mean of the actuation. Commonly speaking, a gate valve is typically with manual operation. Such is from the consideration of the precise isolation of the flow. Except from the manual operation, a ball valve is also able to be driven by the electric and pneumatic actuators.

At last, the flow, which under control by the two types of the valve, turns out to be with different characteristics. Due to the specially designed structure, a gate valve is not suitable to be opened and closed partially. As a result, a gate valve is required to shut the flow off in time in many available systems. At the same time, a ball valve is mainly designed to be able for the regulating situations. The flow is closely proportional to the rotation of the spherical device with a hole in the middle of it. is the global B2B platform in the industry of mechanical parts. SeekPart aggregates the trade leads in this area, and our ultimate target is to benefit the buyers and sellers of mechanical parts by utilizing these leads through our online tools.

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